Nikki Claire Durrant, Yoga Dance Choreographer, Instructor, and  founder of NCD Yoga Dance School


Welcome to  NCD Yoga Dance School. My name is Nikki Claire Durrant. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to perform and teach yoga dance since 2007.  Like everyone, my yoga journey thus far has been chucked full of fun, joy, pain, and tears which has resulted in hard won life lessons and hopefully growth.


I have come to believe in the power of the creative beauty that resides in all of us. And my  purpose with NCD Yoga Dance School is to inspire yoga practitioners of all levels to tap into their own creativity and let it unapologetically shine forth. To get off their mats and express the uniqueness of who they are through the power of yoga dance.  Everyone has something magical about them that can bless and inspire others.


My goal is to help those who are up for the challenge to discover that uniqueness about themselves, and provide a platform for them to share it. 

Why? Because the world needs more love, and more beauty. It inspire others to discover and embrace the beauty and love within and just may in turn set us free from the pain and fear within. 

Welcome to NCD Yoga Dance School! 


2020 NCD Yoga Dance School