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NCD Yoga Dance School's 

4 Week 1-on-1 Intensive


Tripsichore Yoga technique and Yoga dance are extremely challenging even for those who have a solid self-practice. By choosing to take on this challenge you will gain: 

  • Developing fluidity, confidence,

  • Body awareness

  •  Transforming  one's yoga practice into a moving meditation

  • Finding your personal creative expression in your practice (making your self-practice your own, not a copy of someone else’s)   


To help guide practitioners on their yoga dance path I have created a 4 week 1-on-1 intensive course that is uniquely tailored to the individual to help them achieve their yoga goals 

If you are interested in investing in your yoga practice, below is a list of  points to help explain how it works:

  1. Each 1-on -1 intensive starts with a free 15 minute assessment and consultation before the first session. 

  2.   The intensive plan consist of 12 session that run 2 hrs long over the span of 4 weeks.

  3.  Your choice to focus. You can focus solely on  learning and practicing Tripsichore technique, or combine your focus with yoga dance choreography, eg.

  •  If you chose just Tripsichore technique then that will be the focus for the whole lesson plan. 

  • If you chose Tripsichore technique and yoga dance then I will incorporate yoga dance:

  • into the second hour of the two hour sessions, or

  • after the 6th Class, or

  • another variation that you would like.

  • You decide on your focus and how much of each.

  • Note: There is no option for a single focus on yoga dance. 

  4. With in the 4 week time frame you can organise the sessions the way that best suits your schedule, ie.3 sessions a week over 4 weeks. Its up to you and your           schedule,  you choose days and times, provided it I am available.

​  5. Although it’s a private, I understand it may be a bit daunting to fly solo in an intensive, therefore I allow up to three participants per Intensive.  But, be aware            the more participants, the more my time is reduced to each individual.  So it depends on how much individual attention you would like to receive.  

​   6. If the intensive has more than one participant, then the agreement must be, that all participants need to commit to all the classes. So it’s not treated like a              drop in session.

​  7. Sessions are held here at my studio, however if you want me to come to you then travel cost will be added. 

​  8. Payment must be made in full before the first session. The 4wk intensive plan is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, however the 12 sessions cannot        be spaced over the six months expiry date, they must be scheduled over a four-week time period.  

​  9. Investment £1,640


All serious inquires please contact Nikki Claire Durrant at to discuss how we can tailor this program to your personal yoga goals.

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