Options for NCD Yoga Classes on Demand

Option 1 NCD Subscribers

 NCD Subscribers is a monthly subscription video channel  that has over 140  classes in five different categories.   Included with this monthly subscription you also get free access to all the Zoom classes. The subscription price is £20 per month. It's easy to subscribe, just  Click here or  you can hover your mouse over the sub tab "NCD Subscribers Classes" under the "Online Classes"  main tab. Once on this channel click onto any of the videos listed and you will be informed that you will need to subscribe to watch the video, then click the " $" icon and follow the prompts to subscribe. 

Option 2

Pay Per Class

Pay Per Class is a video channel that has about 85 classes in three different categories. The classes on this channel are for individual rental only. All classes are rented for £5 each.   Click here to check it out or you can hover your mouse over the sub tab "Pay Per Classes" under the "Online Classes"  main tab to get access.

2020 NCD Yoga Dance School