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Ambitious! Who Me?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

During a WhatsApp call recently with a dear long time friend of mine, I got called out as being ambitious. And, I must admit that I felt somewhat impugned by that description. “Me, ambitious!?” I questioned, exclaimed and defended all in my one sentence reply. I thought I was a nice person. I’ve tried my best to nurture qualities like patience, kindness, and forgiveness, so I was somewhat disappointed that all my hard work wasn’t shining through, and was being overshadowed by this ambitious quality that I didn’t know I possessed. I mean, I used to be a fucking missionary for Christs sake. It was a long time ago, but shouldn’t that sacrifice of three years count against, such wild accusations. Trust me, I’m well aware that since my missionary days, I’ve done too much skulduggery to allow me to skate on in past the pearly gates without at least an ID check. But I thought that at minimum, I would have racked up enough goody points to avoid words like ambitious getting stuck to my goodish name.

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