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Beginnings Pt 9

Updated: Jan 13

After the two London performances in December 2007, the following February "The Insects" had its first weekend performance trip to the US, Dallas Texas. This is when Edward chose to give Valentina the old heave ho and cut her loose. He had always been unhappy about my convincing him to keep her in the show, to which I could never understand why. She was funny, creative, and hard working. So when it came to the budgeting for the US spring tour, he decided to cut her out, and save on money. I always wondered how she felt about that.

The spring tour was a new and exciting experience for me. I had traveled before, but never as a performer. I remembered the days when I was in University studying drama, and my fellow thespians and I saved up our money to go see “Evita” at the Tulsa Theatre. My amazement and wonderment of what life would be like as a travelling performer was birthed, and held firm as one of my life goals. Therefore, I was all too happy for the chance to fulfil that dream, albeit on a much smaller scale. For the first leg of the tour, Edward and I travelled to Sayulita, Mexico where I first met the amazing Laurie Green of Jersey Shore's Yoga Nine studios, and also where, for the first time, I assisted Edward on a workshop, and performed a small cameo part in "Galapagos", Edward’s one man show at the time. Also during this trip, Edward and I got back together and we were sharing a hotel room.

After Mexico, we travelled to Dallas, Texas, where we spent five days teaching workshops and gave a taster performance at the Dallas Yoga Centre. Then" The Insects" cast flew in from London for the weekend and we performed at the Dallas Lakewood Theatre. It was a wonderful experience. Our producer, David Sunshine really delivered and we had a full theatre to perform to. After a great weekend of more workshops at other yoga studios in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, hanging out with our producer, and his yogi entourage, we all travelled back to the UK. Then, Julia Horn finally got caught by UK immigration at London Heathrow, was denied entry, and promptly deported back to the US within 10 hrs of landing. For which she made Edward foot the total expense. This girl was a piece, but one had to admire her grift. I have never been able to make a man who I wasn't doing the nasty with foot the bill for my skullduggery.

Our next performance was back in the UK at the Arts Depot in North London. Because Julia was no longer allowed into the UK, we had to find a replacement for her. I pushed for bringing Valentina back for two reasons. One, she knew the part, as the choreography was made up on her, and two, it wouldn’t be an added expense as there would be no travel costs. Edward decided on a compromise. He brought back Valentina as her “Nursey” character, but hired Desire’ McDougal, a performer from the previous show, to play Julia’s character which was now called “Baby”. In hindsight, I’m so glad that he did, because working with Desire’ was an eye opening experience to professionalism. She came in the week before the show, learned the part in two days, and was ready to perform on the third. I was in awe of her, and felt so fortunate that most of my time on stage were duets with her. She made me look, not only capable, but like the seasoned professional that she was. I learned a lot about partnering from Desire' in those three days that, to this day, I still use. Like I said from the beginning, I've been very lucky in my life. I'm blessed, and grateful for it!

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