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Beginnings pt2

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

It was a cheery and hopeful (on my part) reunion, with Olof. Unfortunately I found his class to be unrewarding, so I asked him if he could take me on as a private student , not knowing where I would find the money, but determined to make it happen. He then did something, that looking back on now, I can only describe as upfront and honest. Instead of saying "Yes.", and taking my money, he said “No.”. He further went on to explain that it would be a waste of money and time for me to continue to study with him as he taught at a level that I was beyond, which would result in stagnation in my yoga practice. I was disappointed. My hopes of our lips finding themselves locked together in passion as he was attempting to adjust my whatever we're slipping away. However, he quickly interrupted my brooding by inviting me to join him in a class were he practiced. He explained that he believed the class would not only help with my development, but it was also a style of yoga that might be a better fit for my personality and how I move. I didn’t understand what he meant at that moment. I thought movement was movement and quite a separate thing from personality. However, many years later in retrospect, I am amazed that he had such insight into my physical aptness, only having taught me for so brief a time, because he was spot on. It’s amazing how one person’s brief time in your life can be the cause of a major pivoting point in your life’s path . I have truly been blessed in this regard, multiple times. Which has lead me to adapt the motto “The Universe is on my side."

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