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Teacher Training Program


Let's start with what this TT will give you that no other will.

  • A full comprehensive understanding of Tripsichore Yoga Technique taught by Nikki Claire Durrant, the ONLY qualified Tripsichore Yoga Teacher in the  world other than it's founder Edward Clark.


  • A personalised 1-on-1 learning experience where all questions and modifications will be answered and explained to the participants individual physical and mental challenges. Thus providing the most effective and efficient way of mastering the material.


  • A full understanding and embodiment of the Tripsichore Yoga technique. This assures development in the participant's:

    • Confidence and a distinctive voice in communicating information when teaching

    • A level of excellence in self practice,

    • Unique style and creativity when choreographing sun-salutes, yoga practices, and yoga dance  

The complete program consists of 10 Sections/Modules.  All sections must be completed before Certification is given.  The student MUST display a comprehensive understanding of the technique during the final exam, NOT the ability to remember a particular sequence of postures.

Although the suggested length of the total course is 2 years, participants can adjust the length according to their personal schedules. (ie. shorten it to 1 year or lengthen it to 4 years).

Total time breakdown:

  • 300 hrs 1- on-1 class time with Instructor Nikki Claire Durrant
  • 15 hrs Online Anatomy Course with Emma Robinson

For genuine inquires please contact Nikki Claire Durrant at to discuss how we can tailor this program to your personal yoga goals.


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