Zoom Live Morning Tripsichore Practice

Mondays 8am

Wednesdays 8 am

Fridays 8am

An Energetic Movement Meditation Practice using the Ujjahi Breath

This 60 minute online Morning Practice will lead you through the first five Tripsichore Yoga Sun-salutations that focus on using the whole body while moving with the Ujjahi Breath. They are:
2,2's, -Warms up the breath
Circles,- Warms up the Shoulders and Arms
Devlope',- Warms up the spine with Twists
 Khandu,- Warms up the legs with Jumps 
Walking Splits,- Gets the whole body moving with the option of adding in and inversion
Following the Sun-salutes you will then be lead through a slower five breath sequence call the Girish, where each posture is held for 5 minutes. 
This is a great start to anyones day where you not only get the body moving but  also get the mind focused for the day ahead. This practice is a moving meditation.

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