Zoom Live Morning Tripsichore Practice

Mondays 8am

Wednesdays 8 am

Fridays 8am

An Energetic Movement Meditation Practice using the Ujjahi Breath

This 60 minute online Morning Practice will lead you through the first five Tripsichore Yoga Sun-salutations that focus on using the whole body while moving with the Ujjahi Breath. They are:
2,2's, -Warms up the breath
Circles,- Warms up the Shoulders and Arms
Devlope',- Warms up the spine with Twists
 Khandu,- Warms up the legs with Jumps 
Walking Splits,- Gets the whole body moving with the option of adding in and inversion
Following the Sun-salutes you will then be lead through a slower five breath sequence call the Girish, where each posture is held for 5 minutes. 
This is a great start to anyones day where you not only get the body moving but  also get the mind focused for the day ahead. This practice is a moving meditation.

Zoom Live Yoga Dance Class

Thursdays 7pm

An online creative experience using yoga postures to create art

An online energetic 60 minute class consisting of  the Tripsichore Sun Salutes warm-up, followed by creative yoga choreographic work.
Level: All levels. For those who want the challenge of taking their practice off their mats and be expressive, artistic and creative with it.

2020 NCD Yoga Dance School